Long Term Smoker - One Session With Secret Success And It Was Over!

Atlantis Divalenti, who is in her late thirties, used to be a 20-cigarette-a-day smoker. When she was out socialising with friends, her smoking habit would escalate to over thirty within a matter of hours. After just one session with Life Coach, Rosy Maria at Secret Success, Atlantis has now quit smoking.

Atlantis’ move to another country combined with a range of family-related problems contributed to her smoking habit. Atlantis was unsuccessful in her previous attempts to stop smoking and often started again because she felt couldn’t control her nicotine cravings and over ate as a side effect. She felt unhappy and hoped that one day she would be able to stop.

Atlantis enthuses: “I had tried lots of different types of medication to stop smoking, including nicotine patches, but nothing worked. I often became grumpy, had unnecessary food cravings and therefore ate more. I became depressed as I never believed that my cravings for cigarettes would go away.”

“With just one session with Secret Success, I am genuinely surprised at how quickly my reaction has changed and that the thought of smoking actually makes me feel sick. I do not have an increased appetite and so I have not gained any additional weight. Now I can comfortably be around people who do smoke and not feel the urge to join in, and it does not bother me all. It’s truly amazing!”

Rosy Maria, used a range of methods to help Atlantis overcome her addiction to nicotine.

Using Thought Field Therapy, i.e. physically ‘tapping’ on certain points on her body, Atlantis was able to control her cravings and lessen her feelings of anxiety. By ‘tapping’ away these cravings and anxieties on a daily basis, Atlantis felt much calmer and less obsessed about her smoking habit.

Atlantis also underwent a relaxing form of hypnosis to help her make better choices about her life and her ‘relationship’ with nicotine. By mapping out and visualising what her life would be like in five or six years’ time as a smoker, and then seeing what her life could be like as a non-smoker, she was able to realise how much happier she would be without her smoking habit. Just as each person is different and has individual experiences and habits, Secret Success helped Atlantis by using a range of methods that suited her personal needs in the best way.

Rosy said: “Secret Success believes that smokers, who really want to give up, will. Not only did we help Atlantis overcome her nicotine dependency, we also helped her to question and deal with her reasons for smoking, which then enabled her to overcome them. We gave Atlantis the control back to make better decisions about her life and we are delighted she is feeling fantastic and liberated because of our help.” 

Rosy concludes: "We have a unique and effective system that is tried and proven to make ‘kicking the butt’ forever surprisingly easy. The reason why this works so well is because we address the underlying reasons why people smoke.

Whether it’s to help with relaxation, socialising, or even ‘fitting in’, this is the ‘void’ that we fill with positive images, messages, thoughts and new behaviours, when they decide to give up smoking. People soon realise that they can continue to enjoy their lives without any ‘butts’. Ex-smokers will quickly feel the benefits of taking their life back health-wise, financially, and socially thereby benefiting themselves, their family and friends.”

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