Secret Success turns a timid mouse into an elegant giraffe! 

Gwen McIntyre is in her 50’s and, until recently, she was an extremely timid person, softly spoken almost whispering, finding it hard to confront people about issues where required, struggling to mix socially with family and friends and generally afraid to ask for what she wanted in life. She had previously worked as a secretary at a merchant bank in the City and was severely bullied by her colleagues due to having no self confidence, low self esteem and lack of assertiveness.

Gwen had been suffering with this confidence crisis for over 20 years and was at her wits end. Worried that lack of confidence was governing and ruining her quality of life, she contacted Secret Success, leading life coaches with over 10 years experience.

Through attending one of Secret Success’ ‘Get Confident - Stay Confident’ workshops, Gwen found that by changing and taking control of her unwelcome thoughts, images and feelings of doubt, that she was able to switch off fear and desperation and create massive amounts of confidence and motivation in just a few moments. She describes the workshop as being ‘an inspirational turning point which has changed her life’ and feels that the experience has given her a more positive outlook on life and the confidence to walk tall, approach people with her head held high, feeling really confident strong and assertive.

Gwen talks about her life before the Secret Success workshop: “I was such a timid mouse, I allowed myself to be bullied in many parts of my life never standing up for myself. For example, when I used to go to the job centre, people used to push me from one person to the next or send me to the back of the queue, leaving me until last, I was so vulnerable, I used to freeze even at the thought of saying something.”

“Every time I went to the chemist to collect a prescription for my mother, it was never ready, I was always kept waiting for so long. I used to watch other people come and go, they didn’t care that I was waiting. I would be seething inside at being treated like this but I just didn’t have the confidence to say anything, so I put up with being treated badly”.

During the workshop Gwen participated in a range of techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy, hypnosis, and visualisation which all helped her to change and take control of her feelings of doubt, to switch off her feelings of fear and desperation and create massive amounts of confidence.

Gwen enthuses: “The workshop was very, very good, I can now stand up for myself, I am no longer nervous or timid and am now focussing upon making plans for the future. I am confident in what I want and taking action, to get it. After the workshop I went into the jobcentre and told them that ‘this is not good enough, your left hand does not know what your right hand is doing.’ I felt so strong, they quickly sent me to the right person, before I was so nervous and now it’s so much easier.”

“I also went back to the chemist shop and after being treated in the same shoddy fashion, this time I finally stood up to them. I put my foot firmly down and told the girl that ‘this is so frustrating’, the next time I went in to the chemist shop the pharmacist said that he had heard that I was not happy with their customer service and he apologised, the prescription was ready and waiting for me. In the past I would have flared up on the inside and walked out and said nothing, after that day I thought why I ever put up with being treated so badly”.

“I am now enjoying my social life again and am going out a lot more. If my daughter suggests we go out for a meal, I say ‘yes why not’, before I would have said no because my confidence level was zero. I notice that people in my street are now looking at me, I can feel them thinking ‘Is that really her? She’s looking so well’. I have even seen people take a back turn to look at me, this boosts my confidence even more! I have also been helping my friends to stand up for themselves, they can’t believe it, and they say ‘Gwen you are super confident’”.

Rosy Maria, founder and Life Coach of Secret Success, comments: “Secret Success believes every client is unique, and we make a point of spending time with each client to understand their individual confidence and self-esteem issues. We try to understand their motivations and suggest methods to help them master their emotions and live with a greater sense of ease and certainty than ever before.”

“No matter how long our clients have been experiencing a lack of confidence, we have a unique and effective system that makes creating confidence surprisingly easy and can improve their life for the better in just one day.”

Gwen happily concludes: “The results of the seminar were fantastic and I have been recommending the workshop to others and encouraging them to attend. Rosy and Belinda of Secret Success have given me the knowledge of how to help myself. People used to take advantage of me but not anymore, I walk tall, and feel really confident. I realise now it’s about time I put me first and that’s just what I am doing!”

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