"Removing Fears & Phobias"
Re-programme your mind to remove unwanted fears & phobias

One Day Course
Montague Gardens Hotel, London WC1

Are you fed up with your fears or phobias controlling your life?
Are they stopping you from doing or achieving the things you want?
Do you wish you could be more in control and make those terrible feelings of fear & panic disappear?

This event offers you a unique opportunity to remove your unwanted fears or phobias forever!

Whatever your unwanted fear or phobia, whether it’s spiders, snakes, flying, public speaking…we will help you remove these after just ONE day at our ‘Removing Fears & Phobias' course so that you can start living the life you want!

Phobias can often be traced back to an initial experience in which you were conditioned to respond in a certain way. The experience may be long forgotten on a conscious level, but on an unconscious level may have conditioned you to respond biologically to experience fear, anxiety or even absolute panic when the stimulus is present.

If you have a phobia, then you know how difficult it is to rationalise yourself out of reacting in the way you do. This is because your unconscious mind has been programmed to react in a particular way. Only when the connection between the stimulus and reaction in your unconscious mind is broken can your phobia be removed.

No matter how long you’ve had a fear or phobia for...or whether you have more than one...we can help you to break the old pattern and learn a new behaviour, so you change the way you react from a panic reaction to feeling calm and relaxed.

The amazing thing is that this workshop can benefit everyone - whether you're a child or adult, male or female. This workshop promises to be one of the best decisions you ever made.

 By attending this one-day course you will:

  • Learn powerful techniques to re-programme your mind and body so that you no longer suffer from unwanted fears & phobias
  • Take control back over your life so that you can achieve the things you want
  • Feel fantastic and liberated about your new life as those terrible feelings of fear and panic disappear in just ONE day!

Many people spend years trying to overcome their fears and phobias, after just one day with us, we will help you to eliminate these unwanted fears or Phobias forever!

Here's what one of our attendees said about this life-changing course: “After nearly 20 years of suffering, ducking fences that had cats on them to running in the opposite direction if I saw a stray cat, I realised I had just had enough of my cat phobia, so I made a decision to attend a Secret Success workshop, and it has changed my life! Their approach was friendly and relaxing, and this relieved my anxieties about my phobia. Using a range of different techniques, I was able to use different images to control and combat my phobia. It was tailored for my individual needs and I felt immediately calmer about how I perceived cats. I can now stroke a cat’s head and believe or not, I would not be surprised if I went out and bought a cat of my own someday soon!” Mary Karsan, Sales Executive.

We have helped so many chronic phobic regain their lives by sharing our knowledge of how to re-programme the mind to remove their unwanted fears and anxieties. 

Call us now to find out more about how we can help you to start achieving the things you want and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

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We would like to offer everyone the opportunity to attend this course.  Please let us know if any of our rates might prevent us from working together.  Call us on 0800 002 5500 if you have any concerns about cost or payment.  

Our Venue
We are delighted to host this course at the charming Montague Gardens Hotel in WC1, London.  This venue is easily accessible and within a few minutes walking distance from Russell Square, Holborn and Tottenham Court Road underground stations.  It is also in the close vicinity of many restaurants which you can visit for lunch.  If you're travelling by car, please do not hesitate to contact the Hotel to get exact directions as well as information on the affordable car parking facilities nearby.