Secret Success Solves Weight Loss Dilemma to Bring Family Closer Together

Julie Joyce is in her early 40’s and, until recently, weighed in at 14 stone. She had been unhappy with her size for some time and had tried a range of methods to lose weight, with little and no long term success. Worried that this was beginning to affect her quality of life, she contacted Secret Success, leading life coaches with over 10 years experience.

After attending one of Secret Success’ Weight Loss workshops, Julie found that her attitude towards weight loss had changed, and felt the experience had given her a more positive outlook on life.

Julie enthused: “After just one day with Secret Success, I am delighted at the changes to my lifestyle. My attitude towards food has changed and I am much more confident and positive at meal times. We have all enjoyed being able to cook and eat together as a family and have really been drawn closer together by this. We talk more and I find I’m able to participate in more family activities, such as going on trips together.

The less I think and worry about my weight the quicker it seems to be falling off. I’m looking forward to doing all the things the slimmer me will be able to do!”

Secret Success used a range of methods to help Julie permanently change her attitude to her weight.

She was encouraged to use thought field therapy (TFT), which consists of physically ‘tapping’ on certain points on her body. Julie was able to use this method to control her cravings and lessen her feelings of hunger. By maintaining a routine of ‘tapping’ away these cravings on a daily basis, Julie was able to take back control of her weight problem and banish her negative feelings about her size.

Along with a number of other techniques shown on the day, Julie also tried the relaxing form of hypnosis which helped her to make better choices for herself and manage her ‘relationship’ with food and her body. She envisioned what she would be like if she did not make necessary changes to her lifestyle and then visualised how she would be if these changes were made. Using this method, she was able to realise how much happier she would be if she lost weight.

Julie was delighted with the experience she had, and the results. She said: “I was surprised and pleased with the amount of personal attention Rosy gave to everyone at the workshop. The results of the session were fantastic and I would definitely recommend the workshop to others. In fact, I plan to go back for a confidence-boosting workshop later in the year!”

Rosy Maria, founder and Life Coach of Secret Success, said: “Secret Success believe every client is unique, and we make a point of spending time with each client to understand their individual experiences and habits. We try to understand their motivations and suggest methods that are best suited to their personal needs and that fit in with their lifestyle.” 

“We have a unique and effective system that is tried and proven, to make regaining control of weight issues surprisingly easy. The reason why this works so well is because we focus on the positives and help our clients move forward, rather than dwelling on the past.”

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