"Get Thin, Stay Thin"

Re-programme your mind to slim your body

One Day Course

Montague Gardens Hotel, London WC1  


Do you want to feel really
confident, healthy and happy with your body?
Are you fed up with dieting? Do you find it hard to lose weight?  
Do you want the freedom to eat what you want, when you want? 


Our  ‘Get Thin, Stay Thin' course will re-programme your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself and food, so that you can increase your self confidence, easily take control of your life and feel really good about yourself.

The amazing thing about this seminar is that it can benefit everyone - whether you're a young teenager, or an older man or woman!

 By attending this one-day course you will:

  • lose weight safely, naturally and effortlessly
  • learn the secrets of naturally slim people
  • find out what causes your eating-habits and how you can break the cycle
  • learn powerful mind-programming techniques to slim your body
  • increase your self-confidence and start to feel great!

ounds too good to be true?
Well, it's quite natural to feel sceptical. In fact, like most people, you’ve probably tried many
other methods of weight loss and they didn’t work or only had temporary results.  Research has proven that dieting has a success rate of only 7% (yes, it’s that low!).

So how does our system work so well?
Having studied weight gain for a number of years, we can proudly say that our
‘Get Thin, Stay Thin’ course is phenomenal in terms of successful weight loss. 

We have a healthy system for weight loss with a proven success rate of over 70%. 
This is the most effective weight loss system available and there’s no dieting, no pills or nutritional information involved.

 At this one day course:
  • We will help you to re-condition any unproductive habits
  • If you’re overweight, it’s not your fault  - it’s the natural result of your current mental programming.  We will help you to take control of your habits and re-programme your mind to slim your body
  • We will teach you powerful mind-programming techniquesYou’ll notice the effects immediately and these techniques can be used by you again and again to reinforce your new habits
  • You will learn the 4 golden rules of naturally thin people - they're no different from you. Your body will be re-programmed to a more natural way of eating
  • You will learn to speed up your metabolism and how to ‘supercharge’ it too.  Your metabolism is not fixed - it can, and will, change in response to how you eat and use your body

If you think about how much time and energy you've already spent in trying to find the right solution, by attending this course, you will notice dramatic changes in your attitude to food and eating habits after just ONE day.

This course promises to be one of the best investments you ever made. Call us now to find out more about how we can help you lose weight naturally & keep it off and lead a more healthier, happier life.

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As we would like to offer everyone the opportunity to attend this course, please let us know if any of our rates might prevent us from working together with you.  Call us on 0800 002 5500 if you have any concerns about cost or payment.  

Our Venue
We are delighted to host this course at the charming Montague Gardens Hotel in London, WC1. This venue is easily accessible and within a few minutes walking distance from Russell Square, Holborn and Tottenham Court Road underground stations. It is also in the close vicinity of many restaurants which you can visit for lunchIf you're travelling by car, please do not hesitate to contact the Hotel to get exact directions as well as information on the affordable car parking facilities nearby.