"Break the Chain - Quit Smoking"
Re-programme your mind to quit smoking forever

One Day Course
Montague Gardens Hotel, London WC1

Are you ready to stop smoking once & for all?
Do you want to stop smoking without the worry that you’ll gain weight?
Would you like to stop smoking and know that you can succeed?
If it was easy, would you like to stop today?

Our ‘Break the Chain - Quit Smoking' course will help you re-programme your mind and body so that you no longer need cigarettes and actually feel better without them. 

No matter how much you smoke…or for how long you’ve been smoking….you can STOP smoking without anxiety, irritability, or cravings or weight gain.  Better still, you will be high unlikely to gain weight in the process because we have unique and effective system that makes quitting smoking surprisingly easy. The amazing thing is it can benefit everyone - whether you're a teenager or adult, male or female.

Research shows that:
1% of people have been able to stop smoking with no help at all
6% stopped on advice from their doctor
7% stopped using nicotine gum, patches, etc.
However, over 94% stopped successfully using the powerful techniques such as Thought Field Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy - these are some of the techniques we use to help you to quit smoking after just ONE day. 

 By attending this one-day course you will:

  • stop smoking without anxiety, irritability, cravings or weight gain
  • learn powerful techniques to re-programme your mind and body so that you no longer need cigarettes and actually feel better without them
  • take control back over your life so that you will have no desire to smoke ever again
  • feel fantastic and liberated about your new life as a non-smoker so that you start feeling even better every day! 

The average person smokes about 20 cigarettes a day, this costs them nearly £2000 per year.  If you multiply this by the number of years you have been smoking and maybe will smoke in the future it is quite a substantial amount of money. 

If you went to a bank manager and they told you that if you invested a sum of £300 today and in return for that investment you would receive back in 12 months approximately £2000 every year for the rest of your life AND in addition you will enjoy the following side effects:  
feel healthier
-  food and drink tastes better
-  skin looks younger
-  longevity of your life more likely to increase
-  no longer be ostracised or excluded in public places
-  less chance of getting lung cancer, stroke, diabetes heart diseases, stress etc

Would you invest or not?

This course promises to be one of the best investments you ever made. Call us now to find out more about how we can help you quit smoking forever.

Contact us now if you are interested in attending this course.

We would like to offer everyone the opportunity to attend this course.  Please let us know if any of our rates might prevent us from working together.  Call us on 0800 002 5500 if you have any concerns about cost or payment.  

Our Venue
We are delighted to host this course at the charming Montague Gardens Hotel in WC1, London.  This venue is easily accessible and within a few minutes walking distance from Russell Square, Holborn and Tottenham Court Road underground stations.  It is also in the close vicinity of many restaurants which you can visit for lunch.  If you're travelling by car, please do not hesitate to contact the Hotel to get exact directions as well as information on the affordable car parking facilities nearby.