Ever heard of Ailurophobia?

Mary Karsan, who is 33, suffered from Ailurophobia, also known as a fear of cats. Too scared to venture out into woodlands in case a cat may spring upon her or to buy a property that may be situated on the ground floor because a cat may stroll in, Mary found her life was becoming controlled by her fear.

Mary made the decision to join a Secret Success workshop on phobias and has never looked back. Her phobia began when she was just 13 years old when she had witnessed a cat being run over by a car. Soon after, Mary found herself becoming frightened of tigers and lions too. In fact anything which featured a feline, from adverts on the television to the sound of a meow would make her cringe.

Mary said: “I would suffer from mild forms of panic attacks and freak out when I heard about anything cat-related. After years of ducking fences that had cats on them to running in the opposite direction if I saw a stray cat, I realised I had just had enough. My cat phobia had even embarrassed my boyfriend on holiday. Screaming over a stray cat in a restaurant was not what I envisioned for a relaxing holiday abroad!”

“I had nightmares about cats chasing me, I would ask friends if they had cats before I visited them and I wouldn’t want to even sit in the garden because I feared a cat may jump out at me. Secret Success has helped me control my phobia and eventually it became a thing of the past.” 

Rosy Maria, founder and life coach of Secret Success, helped Mary by using a variety of powerful techniques including thought field therapy (TFT), a relaxing form of hypnosis, ‘tapping’ and visualisations to help eliminate fear and relax Mary’s anxiety. 

Physically ‘tapping’ on certain points on her body, Mary was able to control her fears by tapping away her feelings of nervousness. Mary also used visualisation techniques to reduce the size of the images of cats that spring into her mind. By making them appear smaller she could gain a better perspective of how her fear can also be reduced.

Rosy said “We have a unique and effective system that is tried and proven, that minimises your fears and gives you back the control that a phobia can take away. We are delighted that Mary is now free from her phobia and can enjoy her new and more positive life.”

Mary adds “Their approach was friendly and relaxing and this relieved my anxieties about my phobia. Using a range of different techniques,  I was able to use different images to control and combat my phobia. It was tailored for my individual needs and I felt immediately calmer about how I perceived cats. I can now stroke a cat’s head and believe or not, I would not be surprised if I went out and bought a cat of my own someday soon!”

Rosy Concludes: “We believe that people, who really want to combat their fears, can. We gave Mary back the control to make better decisions about her life and we are delighted she is feeling fantastic and liberated because of our help.” 


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