Secret Success Makes A Difference Through NLP Course

Elle Louisa, aged 30, maintains that life does not just begin at 30; it starts afresh every single day. After attending a course in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), run by Secret Success, she has completely changed her outlook on life.

Having heard about NLP, the actress and teacher began to research the subject in greater depth and came across life coaches Secret Success. She found their personalised, smaller workshops and approach suited her needs better than any other.

Elle enthused: “I knew I had made the right decision. The course has been fantastic and has changed the way I think. I love the personalised approach and the smaller group sizes. I really feel I have got great value for money and have learnt some really useful tips and techniques.”

The course deals with retraining the mind and helping people to understand their thoughts and use them to gain control of any given situation.

Elle continued: “After just one NLP training workshop, I acquired tools that have helped me to achieve and develop personally and professionally. I am amazed at how much progress I have made in such a short period of time and am delighted with the benefits I have already felt. In my opinion the training is thorough, easy to relate to and put in to practice. I have been able to help friends and family to make improvements in their lives in addition to making positive changes in my own! 

“I have also found that incorporating certain voice pattern & body language techniques has been Particularly useful in my job.”

Elle has transferred her new-found skills to personal situations and has been able to apply NLP techniques to help her friends through difficult circumstances, with great success.

Elle has also been able to put the methods to some very practical uses in everyday situations. She explained: “I even used NLP to convince a traffic warden not to clamp my car! I simply used the positive mirroring techniques Secret Success has taught me to help him relate to my position and evaluate the consequences of the different available courses of action.”

Rosy Maria, founder and Life Coach of Secret Success, added: “Many people see NLP as a complicated concept, but in reality it is something that can be taught to and be beneficial to everyone. No matter where you are in your life right now the principles of NLP will unlock your mind’s potential and open up a fascinating new world of possibilities for you.

“At Secret Success, we offer a number of courses, aimed at catering to different levels, and pride ourselves on offering great quality and value in comparison with our competitors who run longer courses.”

Rosy concluded: “Secret Success believe strongly in seeing clients as individuals. Everyone has a different motivation and we make a concerted effort to help people understand how NLP can help the individual, rather than using a generalised, mass market approach to teaching.”


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