"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do
than by the ones that you did
Mark Twain

Our philsophy is based around the virtuous circle of giving and receiving.  If you're willing to recommend someone to attend our courses or seminars then we are more than happy to give you something in return. 

Many of you may not want the referral fee we're offering you but our policy on this is very firm:  you will get it.  What you choose to do with it is really up to you - you can share it with your friends, or, if you'd really prefer not to keep it, then start the circle of giving by donating it to a charity of your choice.

 Our Terms and Conditions for receiving a Referral Bonus
  • We will give you a 10% commission for every referral you give us once we have received full payment for the course from the person(s) you've referred and they have attended the relevant course
  • You do not need to attend any of our courses to be able to refer people to us and hence qualify for the referral bonus
  • The 10% commission will be made payable to you via our choice of payment facilities - these can include cash, cheque or BACS transfers.  We will only be able to make payment to you via debit or credit cards if you have already made payment to us using these facilities
  • Payment will be made to you within 30 days of your referral having attended the course
  • If you would like to attend a course and you get 5 people to attend, then you can come for free!
  • Secret Success Ltd will not be held liable under any circumstancs for any fees incurred such as bank charges or similar when transferring the referral bonus.  

Terms of Business


The course fee must be paid in full on receipt of invoice and/or within one calendar month of the course date.  Non-payment prior to the course means non-attendance at the course.  Secret Success Ltd reserves the right to re-allocate the course place to another delegate if fees are not paid on time.  All transfer charges (if applicable) must be paid for on receipt of the invoice.  Failure to receive the course fees in adherence with these terms means that Secret Success Ltd reserves the right to request payment on the day of the course or refuse delegate's participation in the course.


The cost to attend our seven day Licensed NLP Practitioner is £2,585 (£2,200 + VAT) this includes a spectacular home study kit consisting of 16 cd's, 2 dvd's and a leather bound manual worth £587.50 (£500+vat).

Please note the home study kit is available to purchase on its own, should you not wish to attend the seven day course.

The cost of attending one of our one day courses is £250 per person.  To find out about our early booking and group discounts or any other special offers, please call us on 0800 002 5500.

The price quoted is correct at the date of publication.  Secret Success Ltd reserves the right to adjust this price in order to meet their true cost.

Special Circumstances

As we would like to offer everyone the opportunity to attend our courses, please let us know if our rate might prevent us from working together with you.  Call us on 0800 002 5500 if you have any concerns about cost or payment. 

Transferring courses

If a delegate wishes to transfer a booking to a later course there will be an administrative charge of 25% of the course fee if it is within 15 working days of the original course date. If that transfer is then cancelled and/or the delegate fails to attend, the full course fee remains payable. If the transfer is for a course that forms part of a purchased Secret Succes Ltd course package there will be an administrative charge of £25 if it is within 15 working days of the original course date.

Cancelling courses  

All cancellations to bookings must be made 15 working days prior to the start of a course. If a booking is cancelled within the 15 days or if the delegate fails to attend the course, the full seminar fee must be paid immediately. If a seminar, which forms part of a purchased Secret Success Ltd course package, is cancelled within 15 working days of the start date of that course, the full course fee remains payable.

Changing delegate details

There will be no charge if a substitute person wishes to replace the original delegate. Please inform our office of any change to the original booking. If the delegate change is for a course which forms part of a purchased Secret Success Ltd workshop package then any change is subject to a £25 administrative charge. 

Cancellation of courses by Secret Success Ltd and changes to course content

Secret Success Ltd's courses are constantly updated and improved and Secret Success Ltd reserves the right to alter any of the courses’ content without prior notice. Secret Success Ltd reserves the right to cancel a course at any time without liability. In these circumstances, delegates will be offered an alternative date, a credit note or a full refund.

Course notes and training

The notes and training for Secret Success Ltd courses cannot be relied upon for legal interpretation. Neither Secret Success Ltd nor its employees, trainers or consultants can accept responsibility for delegates’ actions, or those of other people reading the course notes or interpreting the training in litigation, or responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of relying on the course or the course notes. If in doubt, consult a lawyer.

Discounts and special offers

Any discounts offered on Secret Success Ltd courses are exclusive. They cannot be combined.  Except for company-wide or pre-agreed discounts, the higher discount will always be applied.  In the case of special offers these must be requested at time of booking, and will not automatically be applied.