"Every person is born with gifts.
Life itself is the most precious of them"

Adam the Dreamhealer

All the testimonials have been written personally by our clients 
to show their appreciation ...


"Remarkable! A wonderful, interestingly eventful course, I found the techniques extremely helpful, they helped me to eliminate the doubts that often play around in my mind, I can now see my goals on a big screen!" Ije O. Lawyer"

"Phenomenal!  You made me feel that it is possible to achieve my goals and it's so easy, I feel like a sponge, I just want to absorb more & more, I would love to come to more of your courses." Heather D. Business Analyst

 "Great course! I have attended several courses in the past, this was by far THE BEST, I feel really good about my future!" Robert N. Business Development Manager

"I have never experienced anything like this, for the first time I was able to think about something I did many years ago without feeling bad, I couldn't believe it, finally I have escaped this!  I liked all the techniques I learned and I will definitely use them, Thank you so much!" Svetlana K. Teacher 

"Excellent! I learned a lot of new information & the exercises are very useful! Rosy you are a very good teacher." Brendan R. Investment Banker

"Interactive, educational, motivating, positive, reassuring course! Loved every minute of it, I would highly recommend it!" Anastasia C. Sales Manager

 "Everything was well delivered, explained and easy to understand, I feel I can reach my goals, I really enjoyed the course, just what it said it was going to be a confidence builder." Ann C. Human Resources

"Fantastic Course! You helped me to really discover my skills, business and personality. It was like opening a book I can now see what makes me ‘tick’ both positive and negative. I feel so enthusiastic about my future – thank you! Brilliant!” Graham S. Project Manager

"Very Enlightening, the techniques were amazing and very useful! Rosy, you are a very good presenter, charismatic yet professional, lots of energy without being overpowering." Caroline A. Business Consultant

"In just one day I became a much stronger and more confident person. You have helped me in so many ways; I have got rid of so many bad habits and negative thinking. Now step by step I am changing my life to lead an extraordinary one and have what ever I want. Thank you so much.” Petra C. Personal Assistant 

"A very informative, encouraging seminar, a real confidence booster!" Ros D. Broker    

"Life changing course! I know what I need to do now and I am already changing for the better! And I know I will experience GREAT CHANGE so I can have what I want and live an extraordinary happy life forever!” Leah B. Teacher

 "Excellent! A very interesting & thought provoking course, I now have a clear idea of my future goals and how to go about achieving them." Patricia L. Public Relations

"Thank you for a positive and empowering course. As someone who was a skeptic, my mind has become ever more open and you have given me another step in that process.  I look forward to seeing how my goals develop over time, I am enjoying every step of it!” Mark B. Accountant

"Inspirational! Useful techniques to adopt in everyday life to fight our bad habits. Not what I expected - much better!" Kelly W. Branch Manager

 "I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was worried it was going to be too long - but it flew by. The techniques are excellent! Anything is achievable now! Rosy your voice is very calming and reassuring, I would love to come to more of your courses, Thank you!!!" Viv L. Consultant

 "Enlightening! Great for focus and moving forward, I now understand how thoughts can become experiences and how to draw upon positive thoughts when there are no actual experiences available! Thank you." Richard D. Business Analyst

 "I really enjoyed the course, I learnt a lot and the techniques are so useful, I am looking forward to coming to more of your courses! I recommend your course to everybody....Thank you!" Boglarka P. Sales Executive

 "Very interesting, helpful and very effective techniques, good pace, not too slow or fast.  Rosy is a very positive presenter and held our attention well!" Clare D. Director

 “I was amazed at how much I learned. I have got rid of issues that I was carrying around with me for many years!  I am so looking forward to many positive, successful years ahead.” Shaun N. Sports Trainers 

 "Very interesting! I'm fascinated by the techniques and am very keen to start using these. I can see how life-transforming they could be - just need to keep going for it!" Rachel M. Actress

 “This Course was not only uncanningly eye-opening but inspiring, enlightening and very exciting.  I can now see a path in the future that is brighter and clearer. You are very professional.”Lesley F. Consultant

"Enlightening and calming, a very good course!  Rosy is very cool, calm and confident, the techniques will prove beneficial for a long time." Helen G. Marketing Executive

 "This course could not have happened at a more relevant, meaningful time for me.  I was already at step one, now I can see step ten and have the confidence and self belief to carry on and achieve. The format, venue, timing, location was all good, thank you for spurring me on my way to success!" Alison J. Manager

"As the course progressed, I must admit that the one day was - believe it or not?! - better than the 4 days I spent with Tony Robbins on his 'unleash the Giant within’!"Lynden N. Sales Manager

 “Great course! I know what I have to do and look forward to a new life, thank you!” Sylvie M. Actress

"A course packed full of very helpful tips, hints & techniques.  It was good to identify, visualise & verbalise emotions & goals. Thank you!" Kay W. Trainer

"I  am now motivated to see and experience my wonderful future.  I have released my burdens and have started on my path of success.  Thank you for a wonderful seminar, full of energy.” Tom R. Technician

 "This course has given me a boost for my future.  I'm not focusing on the whole staircase...I'm taking one step at a time." Fran M. Sports Coach 

 "Very relaxing.  You made me feel very at ease.  I feel quite energised now."  Kellie C. Sales Executive

 “Thank you, you are a truly gifted individual and use all your energy and skills to the best advantage of all those you encounter. You have helped me to make major improvements in my life.” Kevin M. Doctor

 "Informative, enlightening and practical - overall exciting!" Evelyn O. Financial Advisor

 "It (the course) has been very fun and it has provided lots of useful tips and information." Charlotte P. Student

 "I was really impressed!  I found the techniques really soothing and comforting and the visualisation really energising.  I'm so glad I came." Siobhan N. Sales Advisor

"Helpful for a day-to-day basis, inspiring for a long-term perspective!" Ulrich F. Director

 "This Course was very inspirational, a real confidence builder and the techniques were very useful." Gwen M. Secretary

"I thought this course was really good and it has really helped." Kirstie N. Journalist

 "The course helped to extract positive thoughts and enhance my self-belief." Caroline B. Teacher

 “This course has changed the way I see my past and has given me a light to see a bright future and one I know will only get more brighter. Thank you for helping me so much.”  Mary C. Author

 “Wow! So much energy, you said ‘sunshine’ and it was as if I could see that, I can see my bright and successful future clearly, it is great to be able to confirm my dreams. Rosy you are so highly skilled and just wonderful!” Amanda R. Business Development Manager

“Rosy you are a wonderful warm person, passionate and honest, your techniques are excellent, I feel like someone new and positive has stepped into me, which is a great feeling and it feels right!  Thank you so much!” Loraine M. Trainer

 "Great inspirations and very useful techniques that actually work!" Urska GM. Model

"Overall I found the quit smoking seminar to be positive and I can see how the techniques will help me if I ever feel like smoking again." Chris L. Director

 "Really interesting, incredibly inspiring. I now feel empowered and confident that I will never smoke again." Leah H. Electrician

 "Quit Smoking Seminar - Really enjoyed it...everything was great!" Sacha H. Beautician

 "Warm, friendly atmosphere. Great tips - it's great not to focus on the right and wrong things to eat and listening to your body instead." Genevieve P. Manager

"I found the quit Smoking seminar very thought provoking and I gained a great insight into why I smoke along with techniques to stop smoking. I feel I am ready to stop smoking now! I have been given lots of tools to combat any cravings." Junaid J. Computer Programmer

"Rosy - I had a great day and learnt a lot, thanks! I applied your technique last night and today and its working! I practiced spinning (NLP technique), 20x chewing and tapping. Great! I am very happy about it." Robert B. Project Manager

 "After I left the weight loss seminar I felt so relaxed, I did not think about food at all. At our evening meal I told my husband about what we had done and he has also decided to follow your rules, and we both left food on our plates! I felt full and satisfied. I followed your instructions and waited to have a glass of wine after the meal and I really enjoyed that first glass. The next morning I put real butter on my toast & only ate half of it, it's great! I loved the swish exercise (NLP technique) as the old me has completely disappeared, I have been telling all my friends about it."  Jackie C. Nurse