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"Success is not the secret to happiness...happiness is the secret to success"
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Living an Extraordinary Life!

Each one of us has dreamt of something possible beyond the ordinary, when a moment in our lives, our family, our community, and our world felt a sense of possibility, and we saw a glimpse that life really could be extraordinary!

Secret Success Training is dedicated to implement strategies for creating an extraordinary quality of life for individuals and organisations, providing the finest resources for inspiration, education, training and development.

We specialise in powerful personal development courses, offering all the support you need.  Our courses are innovative, effective and immediately relevant, with results that last a lifetime.  Our courses  cover a range of topics and benefits, relevant to living everyday life powerfully. We also create specialist training courses for organisations where there is a lack of personal development.  

Each and every one of our training courses are designed to positively transform lives.  Participants are able to achieve higher standards of excellence and to think and act beyond existing views and limits - in their work, personal lives, relationships, and wider communities of interest.

The communities and organisations with which they are engaged have the possibility of not only success, but also fulfillment and greatness. It is to this possibility and fundamental principle that Secret Success Training is committed.

Each of our inspirational courses provide participants with the opportunity to address their unique and personal needs.  Our training courses are designed to give participants the confidence and motivation needed to achieve lifelong success in every area of life.

As we look back now on our life so far, there are certain moments, key events that stay with us as turning points, times from which life took a new direction and was never the same again.

Prepare yourself now for one such moment!  That you, the participant will look back on our training for years to come, as the beginning of a truly new phase in your life…

We have helped so many people to do this already, read our testimonials! 

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What's Next...?

'Pathway to Happiness!'

"Licensed NLP Practitioner Course"

Our Licensed NLP Practitioner course is an inspiring, seven-day course in taking action to change the quality of your life forever. During this empowering, educational and entertaining week, Licensed NLP trainer, Rosy Maria will personally coach you as you don't just deal with, you vanquish, anything that may be holding you back from achieving lifelong success, in every area of your life!


- To Master your own emotions and run your own mind
- Gain ‘instant confidence’ and motivation in a wide variety of situations
- Communicate more effectively using greater precision and elegance

- Create better working and more satisfying emotional relationships

- Access your unconscious learning ability at will
- Change unwanted behaviours in yourself and others
- Remove unnecessary fears and phobias
- Discover your true potential

An NLP Practitioner is someone who has learnt to use the principles and techniques of NLP to enhance their personal effectiveness and improve those same skills in others.


The NLP Practitioner Certificate is awarded for demonstrating the ability to use the attitudes, principles and techniques of NLP with yourself and others.

This Certification gives you the license to help others overcome their issues, set up your own business and earn more money!!

For more information click here and find out why this course promises to be one of the best decisions you ever made!!

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